Friday, December 30, 2011

Time Challenge & Tabata Jump rope!

Hey ~

I've been so bad and haven't worked out since 12/23 or so that's what my w/o journal says. Time goes by so quickly. I'm really trying to be consistent with my workouts. It's a process for me and I'm starting to make some headway finally. I have gained some weight which isn't surprising, coming off Christmas. But now I need to really start paying attention again. I'm thinking I should journal for a few days. That really helps to get on track. Eating is the most important thing when you are trying to lose weight. You've got to eat clean. I realize how much better I feel when I'm eating clean. Lots of fresh veggies, fruits and whole grains instead of pasta, bread, sweets. I think those things should be eaten in moderation and I usually will have something like that on a cheat day and I workout on those days.

So today was the day to get back on the horse.. so here's the workout I did.
My shoulders and biceps are gonna be sore tomorrow ;) which means I'm building muscles, burning more calories, burning fat and exercising my heart and lungs with cardio!

Burning shoulders workout!
This workout was a timed challenge. I like to mix it up. I get bored so very easily!

Do 15 reps of each exercise and do 3 sets or 3 times through. In between ea exercise do 20 Mountain Climbers. It took me 32 mins and 11 seconds to finish the workout then I did a Tabata rountine with Jump rope for some more cardio

1. Bicep curl on the way up then hammer curl on the way down ~ Go slow on the way down really control it, that's when you do the muscle building. first round 15lb, 2nd rd 12lb, 3rd 10lbs

20 Mt. Climbers

2. Lateral raises to the front then to the sides ~1st 2 rds 10lbs, 3 rd 5 lbs, my shoulders were on fire!

20 Mt. Climbers

3. Reverse Lunges ~ 12lb all 3 rds, alternating legs Do 15 ea leg, total 30

20 Mt. Climbers

4. Side Planks arm up reach under ~ no weight (R)

I didn't do mt. climbers in between this exercise

5.  Side Planks arm up reach under ~ no weight (L)

20 Mt. Climbers

6. Overhead Tricep extensions 12 lb all 3 rds

20 Mt. Climbers

7. V sit with a knee hug

20 Mt. Climbers

8. Standing side crunches alternating sides 15 ea side total 30

Then set your timers for 8 rds of 10 sec rest and 20 secs work.. Jump rope for the 20 sec work interval!

It was a great workout!

Sherice oxox

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