Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Beginnings!

So glad you stopped by~

I hope everyone's Christmas was good. Not the best Christmas here this year but it's not really about presents and "wants" right. That's what we try to tell our kids but when they've been spoiled most every Christmas it's hard for them to "get it"!

I always feel down this time of year. I think it's a combo of having way to much emotional drama going on (this yr), needing some meds (not kidding) and for every year it seems that there is such a huge build up to Christmas.. summer ends, fall begins and the kids start school, then it's Halloween, birthday's, Thanksgiving and then Christmas with a new year right on it's heels and we do it all over again.. No wonder time seems to fly by us!!

I don't like New Years resolutions. I think why wait.. it's just the procrastinators way of procrastinating! But I do have some goals I'd like to work on this year!

1. Loving & believing in myself more
2. Say something positive about myself everyday
3. Drink less coffee and more Matcha (powdered green tea.. see my post
4. Don't major in minor things (awesome saying)
5. To live in the moment and be thankful
6. Get counseling
7. Get my Personal Trainers Certification
8. Be more active..(I know some of you think I am but I do have a lot of down time, usually on this thing aka computer)
9. To try and see the positive in every situation
10. LET GO MORE!!!!! let go of my fears, control, guilt!! JUST LET IT GO AND BE HAPPY!!! that's where the counseling comes in LOL

That's my list of 10 things I would like to be better about this year. What are a few of your things?

 Sherice oxoxoxox


stacey rude said...

Well it looks like your off to a good start, being able to come up with such an insiteful list is impressive!! xoxo
Stacey Rude

Unknown said...

I just have to add that it was kind of a pain in the ass attempting to figure out how to comment on your blog. Im not quite sure why google makes it such a process!! But now that I have figured it out I will probably become your blog stalker!! xoxo

Stacey Rude said...

Ok!! Now Im soooo confused and sort of look like a crazy person...last blog was from me, Stacey, just incase it says I'm "unknown" again. I didn't want to freak you out with the whole stalker thing from some unknown source... HAHA!! I guess I have too much time on my hands this evening. :)

Sherice said...

I was thinking who is unknown.. hahahaa you can stalk me sweetie, I don't mind!! :)