Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back To The Gym

Hey folks ~

My good news today is that I'm BACK IN THE GYM, Slowly but surely!

I've been taking a 'healing hiatus' for about the last 10 mos. I've got 2 bulging discs in my back that I've been healing. With that comes other issues so now I'm dealing with more Sciatic pain, like a constant charlie horse in my right glute.. seems to be Piriformis syndrome, which is due to a tightening of the piriformis muscle that attaches from your hip to your pelvis across the sciatic nerve. So when it's inflamed and tight it can irritate the sciatic and make you miserable. I literally woke up about 4 mos ago with this pain and it hasn't really left. Here's a link to more about Piriformis syndrome.

All the info I've read on sciatic and PS has said that the one thing I need to be doing is a lot of stretching and YOGA!! Which I already knew because when I'm really good about stretching and doing yoga it feels SO MUCH BETTER!!

So I feel like getting back to the gym is going to be a good idea. I vowed to myself to take it slow and easy.. I have a problem with going balls to the wall crazy and I I know I'm still healing and DON'T want to injury myself further.

I was in the need for a new gym because the Gold's I was going to closed and the only other one is to far for me to drive so I looked around and choose a locally owned gym in my area that had everything I was wanting, including a pool, which is a great low impact exercise.. it's low impact for me right now.

The Fitness Center has 2 locations... one right by my mom's place and the other is in the valley. I have access to both. I really like it. The North side gym, I will be using that one mostly, has a nice area for functional fitness training. So I'm excited about that.

On Sunday I made a workout that seemed pretty easy for my sister and I and we hit the gym

 It felt SO good to be back working out! I felt awesome..... until the next day and the day after that.. I hate DOMS.. even though I stretched and foam rolled my legs were Killing me.. with a Capital K!!! So Today is Weds and I'm finally feeling better...

I know getting back in the saddle will be a hard, slow process but I'm glad I've taken the first step!

So you know what this means right?! I will posting my workouts and progress.
I will be getting the Iphone 5 soon.. my 4 is crapping out and I'm due for an upgrade soon. As of now though I have NO memory on my iphone 4 so I have only been filming little vlogs on my macbook at home. But as soon as I get my new phone I will be filming more stuff.. So if you don't know or haven't checked out my youtube channel here it is foodieluvsfitness. Go and subscribe please and show some love by sharing with your friends :)

Till next time :)
Sherice oxox