Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nut Butters!!


I don't know about you but I love nut butter! Why should we have to stop at Peanut butter and Almond butter? I love to make nut butter at home. It's so EASY and a lot less expensive than buying it at the store. The only piece of equipment you need to make nut butter is a food processor. So today I made some Cashew butter and with it I made some really good blueberry coconut protein balls.  Here's how you make nut butter.

You can use any nut you want... I'm thinking I need to make some Macadamia nut butter. Wouldn't that be the cat's meow!?

**RECIPE UDATED: 3/20/2017

I used 1 cup of roasted UNsalted Cashews. I used unsalted so that I could control the amount of salt.
a pinch of sea salt
1 Tblsp of melted Coconut oil
Place the first 2 ingredients into your food processor. 
 Give it a few whirls and it will become crumbly. Give the sides a scrap and turn it on again. While it's on pour in the coconut oil and let it mix until it's incorporated.

Whaaalaaa.... you've got Cashew butter!
1 cup of cashews made 1/2 cup of Cashew Butter.

Now with this Cashew butter I made these great snacks......
Here's the recipe ~

1/2 cup Cashew Butter
1 TBSP local honey
1/2 cup Vanilla Shakeology or vanilla protein powder *
1/4 cup Bob Red Mill unsweetened organic coconut
1/4 cup dried Blueberries
1/4 cup uncooked rolled oats
2 TBSP melted Organic Coconut oil

Mix first 6 ingredients in food processor. It will be crumbly. scrape down sides. Then turn on processor and pour in melted coconut oil.
Take out your blade & Using a spoon or small ice cream scoop, scoop out mixture, then half the scoop into 2 bite size balls. put in plastic container and store in fridge.

This recipes makes about 24-28 bite size snacks
I don't worry to much about calories, macros and micros so I have no idea what the stats are on these. I image if I had to guess I would consider about 2 of these as 1 serving.
I feel that these are a great grab and go snack. pre or post workout snack or all around yummy treat. they are a great source of carbs protein and fat.



My workout for 12/7
This was a timed workout, so I set my Gymboss on the stopwatch setting and started sweating!!

I did 3 rounds of these 5 exercises
1. Side jump lunge 20 reps = 60 total
2. Prisoner get ups 20 reps = 60 total
3. Cobras on a stability ball 20 reps = 60 total
4. Heisman's 20 reps = 60 total
5. Row with a medium resistance band 20 reps = 60 total
when I was done,  I just felt like I could do more so I changed it up on the fly and did 1 set of...

1. High knees 20 reps
2. Squat pulses 20 reps
3. Superman on bosu touching ankles 20 reps
4. Heisman's 20 reps
5. hanging knee raises 20 reps

This time challenge took me 26:46
Then I did 20 mins on the elliptical.. remember when your using the elliptical to do intervals forward and backward. I see so many people who don't ever go backward.. it works different muscles and you need balance! Remember to drink your water and stretch!!

OX Sherice

*if not i'm not using shakeo my other vanilla, PP go to is Jay Robb. it's super clean and nothing yucky including fake sugars, I get it at Super Supplements*


Gloria said...

Looks good I will try=]

Sherice said...

Hi Gloria~ I hope you like it... let me know! ;)

Janetha @ meals & moves said...

Thanks for sending me over for this great recipe!

Sherice said...

it's one of my favorites!! glad your up to trying it :)