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I'm an everyday girl who loves sharing what I've learned about health and fitness

                                                                      HEY THERE

I feel in LOVE with fitness and nutrition about 7+ yrs ago. I started on my "get healthy journey" by tipping the scale at 180 lbs.. which for me was a LOT! Having always been about 115 lbs after 2 kids, turning 30, not enough moving, too much quick, fast food, and processed foods, I realized I needed to do something.

I have always been athletic and dabbled in sports in Jr. High and high school. When my son was about 8 we started Martial arts. When I started Taekwondo, I feel in love! From then on I always thought it would be fun to be in the sports/fitness industry.

                                                              a few things about me

Fast forward 5 yrs. Weight is at 180 lbs. I joined a gym, got a trainer who trained me once a month and told me what to do the rest of the month so I always knew what I was doing when I got to the gym. After losing about 30 lbs and working with the trainer for a yr and a half.. I was so bored I was ready to do something drastic myself. so I started searching around online and found a site called Bodyrocker... and that introduced me to H.I.I.T training. High intensity interval training.
WOW, what a game changer.. I went from working out over an hr, to 20 mins a day..  incorporating my cardio AND strength into 1 workout! MY body saw results quick.. I was feeling great.

By this time I was in love with fitness and nutrition. My attitude went from "I want to weight this much" and "I just worked out so I can have a cheeseburger" to understanding that I wanted to be FIT and HEALTHY not just look good.. and that I didn't want to sabotage all my hard work with food! I also started learning more about whole foods and different ways of eating.

Then the unthinkable happened. I N J U R Y!!!!!!
I had 2 discs bulges in my low back.. I think there was a lot of contributing factors to this but the main ones would be.. lack of core strength, lifting to heavy and improper lifting techniques. BE CAREFUL and watch yourself in a mirror if at all possible!!!

Along this journey I am finding out a few things about myself, such as.......
* Living Life and Existing are two different things
* I have what it takes to live my dreams and create the LIFE I'VE DREAMED ABOUT
* I'm stronger than I think
* your life is a direct reflection of the thoughts you think!
* I'm also learning to have balance in all things.
I used to be very black or white thinking! Now I focus on positivity, and the 80/20 rule.. 80% I eat whole foods, minimally processed, organic when possible, 20% of the time I eat stuff that isn't so healthy. But when I do eat that other 20% I don't FEEL good, so it's pretty rare for me to drink a soda eat fast food or sugary junk. I'd rather eat "healthy'' Junk food.. like lara bars, (my fave is the peanut butter choc chip) nacho kale chips and coconut cream
Life is about balance.

I'm also a mom of  2 children ~ Jessica 18 and Corey 21!
My husband and I will be celebrating 23 yrs together this Dec 2016.. we've laughed, cried, shouted, & loved these last 20+ yrs and I hope for 20+ more!

Our family on Jessica's 18th Birthday this past Oct 2016
right to left our son Corey, Birthday girl Jessica, her fiancé (recently engaged) Daytona, Me and Ron.

My other 2 children are our K-9's.. Luka and Marley! The best 2 furry friends a girl could ask for. As of January 29, 2014 our Beloved Marley left us to run and play pain free in Heaven.. He's waiting for us and I know he's in a better place. I miss him every day and our home isn't the same without him.
about a yr later we adopted another Boston Boy named Bilbo. he was a rescue and has a few quirks but don't we all?!?

                                            Marley a couple weeks before saying goodbye! 

                                                              Luka top, bilbo bottom

I hope you enjoy my blog! It's a work in progress as are we!
Please comment and ask questions, make requests if you'd like.. I want to get to know you!

Hope to see you often
Many Blessings,

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