Friday, July 25, 2014

Detoxing from the EARTH?!? Say WHAT?


I have a something really awesome to share with you!!

Have you heard of the wonderful benefits of Bentonite Clay??

What is Bentonite Clay you ask?!

Bentonite Clay is composed of aged volcanic ash. The name comes from the largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay located in Fort Benton, Wyoming.

WHAT does Bentonite Clay do?   
is a unique clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals.

 WHAT Toxic Chemicals is YOUR body absorbing?!?

Bentonite clay is a swelling clay. When it becomes mixed with water it rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge. From here the toxins are drawn into the sponge through electrical attraction and once there, they are bound.”
Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins. When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release it’s minerals for the body to use. Bentonite also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead. Bentonite clay is a common ingredient in detox and cleansing products. It has an alkalizing effect on the body and when taken correctly, it can help balance gut bacteria.

Some of the things that Bentonite clay can help ~ 
  • Digestive disturbances like acid reflux, constipation, bloating, gas, etc. (Kaolin clay was common ingredient in medicines like Maalox and Rolaids for years)
  • Helping with skin and allergy issues
  • To help provide minerals for the body
  • To help speed recovery from vomiting and diarrhea
  • Detoxification
  • In oral health preperations
  • Externally for all types of skin problems and to speed healing
 Bentonite clay can be taken internally or used externally..
 IMPORTANT NOTES: Do not let healing clays like Bentonite come in to contact with anything metal, is this will reduce the effectiveness. I mix with water in a glass jar with a plastic lid by shaking well or using a plastic whisk. If you take it internally, do not take within an hour of food for best results and do not take within 2 hours of medications or supplements as it might reduce their effectiveness. Check with your doctor before using if you have any medical condition.

mouth rinse
drink for morning sickness
internal cleansing
on the skin for blemishes and bites
on skin for bites, burn, cuts, stings
face mask for blemishes and clear skin
detox bath
baby powder

Here are a few more things to use Bentonite clay for...

DO you use this amazing healing clay? Have you ever used it?

 Leave me a comment and let me know!
Sherice OX

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reasonably priced workout gear!

Hey Peeps ~

Today I was talking with a friend of mine and we of course started talking about fitness and workouts..
I was telling her a few pcs of equipment she could get for a reasonable price from her local Fred Meyers, amazon or walmart!

She said "you should do a post about this".. DING.. light bulb moment! BLOG POST!!!

So, I'm giving you guys a list of 10 things that you can buy for under $30 that can help with your fitness!

1. Pull up bar.. I got mine at walmart for 9.99 this is awesome if you have any back issues.. it's great to hang and decompress your back.. I like to use mine also for not just pullups but for hanging leg raises 

2. Resistance bands I got a 3 pack w/ light, med, heavy resistance at Fred Meyer but these will do the trick

3. Stability Ball ~ make sure that you get the right size for you.. the average is 65 cm I believe..
 4. Resistance bands with handles ~ This is a super nice set for under $15 bucks
5. Jump rope ~ I LOVE to skip rope.. it's a favorite cardio warm up, workout, and end of set burner! I REALLY want this one!! AND BTW.. she is AWESOME and super funny and sarcastic.. right up my alley!!

6. Medicine balls ~ I LOVE these.. my favorite exercise using a medicine ball are these! You can find these pretty much anywhere like Big 5 sporting goods or online. Medicine balls come either like the picture in a set or you can buy them in single at what lbs suits your needs
7. Kettle bells ~ I like this one.
8. Agility Ladder ~ I want one of these
9. Any kind of ball.. soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball, baseball.. all GREAT ways to get moving for cheap!
10. Gymboss Interval Timer.. I LOVE this little pc of equipment! It does a lot for NOT a lot of money and it's a great addition to your workout arsenal!

There you have it!! 10 pcs of equipment to get your sweat and breath flowing! :) What's your favorite pc of equipment and what is your favorite exercise to do with it?

Later ~

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Carb Cycling

Hey ~

How has your summer been so far? I hope all is well.

I'm starting something new this week.. Carb Cycling. Do you know it?

I really like Chris Powell and love his show Extreme Weightloss. Chris and his wife, Heidi are the power house couple that helps morbidly obese people get their lives back with his 1 year transformation!

Chris has 2 books out. Both are on Carb cycling. I have the second book. that is similar to the first but has more options.

I do feel it will be trying at times considering that I try keep my diet mostly plant based!

But I'm sure that I can work it out. So basically you alternated days between low carb and high carb days. some go by the days your doing hard workouts to be high carb and cardio or non work out days to be low carb days.

The concept behind this is that high carb stokes our furnace aka metabolism. once revved then on the low carb day our bodies dip into our fat storage and burn it for fuel. You may feel tired in the afternoon but that is why you make the low carb day the rest/active rest or cardio workout day!

This is what he does with his clients. This meal plan and working out will get you to your goals fast. and it's healthy!!!

I will keep you posted. 
Here is some info on carb cycling

Get your sweat on!