Friday, December 9, 2011

Fantastic Friday workout!

It's FRIDAY! two of my favorite days to workout are Fridays and Sundays. It seems that the majority of people aren't in the gym on these days. So these 2 days are almost always workout days for me.

Today I did a killer workout! well for me anyway. I know that I won't reach my goals if I'm not accountable for not only getting my workouts in but also pushing to my max during them. Of course I am human and I do have those days where I get to the gym and I'm lacking energy or not fully into a workout. But even then, I usually know that if I don't push to my max then I will feel guilty about it later.
This makes me smile!

Fantastic Friday workout

intervals ~ 15/45 the first being your rest interval
30 rds/5x thru = 30 mins
as always my reps are under the exercises

1. Dynamic squats ~ do a squat tben drop down and touch the
ground and back to a squat, you get a bit of a low jumping movement 28,22,15,25,22 = 112
2. Kettle bell swings ~ I used 20 lbs on the first 2 rds then switched to 10lbs which was to light but the 15lb was in use.
 23,18,20,17, 20 = 98
3. Renegade row w/ 12 lb weight
18,18,17,15,15 =83
4. Mt Climbers w/bosu ~ hold onto the flat side of the bosu while doing mt climbers
60,59,51,55,54 = 280
5. Reverse crunch
20,20,23,21,24 = 108
6. hanging knee raises
19,20,18,14,20 = 91

There's your Friday workout

catch ya later
OX Sherice

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