*What is the Wholistically Happy Wellness Community #WHWC?

One thing that really helps keep me on track is ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT! I want to create a safe place to BUILD A POSITIVE COMMUNITY OF SISTERS ON THE SAME MISSION AS ME.... To live YOUR BEST LIFE!!!
This is why I started the Wholistically Happy Wellness Community group. This is a place to share your HEALTHY  LIFESTYLE JOURNEY, whatever that means to you.. 
Healthy living is different for everyone.. 
for me it's my thoughts, the way I speak to myself and others, moving daily, eating CLEAN whole foods, avoiding certain things, listening to my body and the way I feel. But also living BALANCED.. if that exists.. having moderation and still ENJOYING LIFE!!

*In #WHWC we are having a lot of different conversations about.... eating protocols, personal development, workouts, meditation, yoga, energy work, positivity and a more mindset and how to get there, how living life as an empowered woman can free you from all the baggage that you started out with, and any other things that pop up! 

I'm in there sharing my own life and experiences everyday with you guys, asking questions, posting prompts and lessons 
we have live video chats and mini challenges which are a lot of fun too! 

So, if this sounds like something you need in your life, we'd love to have you, please JOIN US

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