Friday, January 27, 2012

French Toast Recipe :)


I love to have breakfast for dinner. I don't know why it's just kinda naughty. So I have a delicious Healthy French toast recipe for you.

When Making french toast I never measure anything. You can't really screw it up. This recipe made about 4 pcs of toast.
4 slices Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread
1 egg
1/2 cup or about milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon
a dash nutmeg
a splash vanilla

set bread aside and mix other ingredients well with a fork, dip bread 1 pc at a time into mixture on both sides, put on your griddle. cook for about 3-5 mins then flip, cook another 3-5 mins and serve with your favorite toppings!!

I also made another batch of those healthy oatmeal cookies I posted on my blog.. here's the link

I highly recommend that you purchase a 15 dollar coffee bean grinder. It's well worth the money. I've use mine to grind not only coffee beans, when my husband forgets to grind them at the store :) flax seed for flax meal and also almonds for almond meal. This last time around I was being lazy and thought I'll just buy some almond meal from Bob Redmill's. I love his stuff. any how.. It was 11.99 a bag. I couldn't believe it. So I went to the bulk section and got a couple scoops of almonds and came home and put a couple handfuls in my coffee grinder and've got almond meal. Another bonus of doing it this way is you can kind of pick the texture you like. I love the nutty flavor this adds to these cookies! But I think next time I'm going to add a couple of scoops of peanut butter. :)

This is my next workout. I haven't done it yet but when I do, I will post my scores!

15/40/21rds/3 x thru

1. 1 leg toe touch. touching opposite toe from hand 12 lb (R)

2. 1 leg toe touch, 12 lb (L)

3. Mt Climbers

4. Rollouts using the Stability Ball ~ on knees put forearms on the ball and rollout on it. engage your core to protect your back

I'd love this on a t-shirt!
5. Leg lift with a donkey kick alternating legs

6. Mt. Climbers

7. Planks w/ knee tucks

Cardio session
10/20/8 rds Tabata interval = 4 mins

alternate  between

1. toe taps

2. jump tucks

Hopefully this workout will give you a good sweat!
Sherice ox

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baked Pears, Sprouts & a workout

What's happening in Blogger land?

Not a lot going on here. OH wait.. I did win an awesome prize from one of my favorite healthy blogs,

It's a composting factory !!! *cheering and hand clapping*

It's a worm factory 360!! It comes with all the stuff minus the worms, you get those separately, and was a snap to set up!!  All I need to do is make the worm bedding with the pumice and bedding that was provided, order my worms and let them start turning garbage into compost. My husband built us 4 beautiful cedar raised beds last yr that are going to LOVE, LOVE this!!! Can you tell I'm excited!! when I get it set up and functioning, I will try to remember pictures or maybe even a vlog.. I'm interested in posting those sometimes I just need to figure out how to do it on my Macbook. Which I'm sure is super easy. :) you keep this little beauty inside. It doesn't like temps below 40 and above 80 degrees. It comes with 4 compartments but you start out with just one, when the worms have done their job and have turned the junk into compost then you simply add another compartment and they will work their little wiggly bodies up into that compartment and get busy working. You then add the bottom compost to your beds!! HOW EASY!!! and the way the worms work, there is no odor.. so don't worry about it smelling up the house, It won't! It was a little over 100 bucks, which I could not have afforded right now!! Thanks Bex!!

It seems when the weather turns cold, cloudy and snowy I turn to pj's and comfort foods. I haven't had a workout in the last couple days, So with that in mind I've tried to keep my eating on the good side.
I scoured over online recipes looking for a baked pear recipe that sounded good. But I only had what was in my kitchen to work with so that eliminated a lot of the recipes.
After not finding anything that really peaked my interest I decided to do what I usually do and that's to use a little of this and a pinch of that.
I had 2 Bosc pears in my fridge because this craving had been stewing a bit in my memory from seeing a delicious looking pear on foodgawker. I cut up the 2 pears into halves, cored them and placed them in a sprayed baking dish, then I took a couple handfuls of oats, a tsp of cinnamon, a little bit of ginger, a splash of vanilla, 1/2 cup brown sugar and some room temp Earth Balance butter maybe 3 tbls. and blended it all together with a fork.. I placed the oat mixture on top of the pears and baked it with foil at 400 for about 20 mins.. then took off the foil for about 5-10 mins. Pictures and a blog post was an after thought I'm sorry to say, so not great pictures!
This is before I cooked them. They were good. A couple days later I made them again but I used a Bartlett Pear and it was so much better. The Bartlett had so much more flavor and it created it's own juice. Even though they say Bosc are better for baking I'd use a Bartlett instead ;)

I love sprouts.. I remember my mom always had sprouts growing on the kitchen counter when I was a kid. I found this great website and found sprouts galore!! So I got myself a couple sprouters, or you can use the old school glass mason jars with a little screen in the tops. I like these because you can see the magic as it's happening but since my young ones aren't so young anymore and really don't care about sprouting sprouts, I opted for the "sprouter" at sproutpeople, along with the starter kit of sprouts. I have a bunch of different sprout varieties.. I've got...French garden, Italian blend, Spicy mix, alfalfa, clover, Russian mix, Oriental mix, Nick's mix, and Moo mix. You can go to the website I linked above to see what is in these mixes, but for instance the Oriental is what I sprouted and it's got, alfalfa, red clover, mustard, mizuna and tatsoi seeds! The first day you put 2 Tbls of seeds into your cup, then fill with water. Let seeds soak for 24 hrs on kitchen counter. In am drain and rinse seeds let sit on counter.. I usually rinse and drain 1-2 a day. Another reason I got this type of sprouter is because it's got an insert the when twisted it doesn't allow the inner compartment with your seeds in it, to touch the bottom. So it also works as a strainer. So if your using the old school mason jar, make sure your sprouts are not sitting in water.. that's the key to sprouts!!  In about 4 days depending on what sprouts your using you will have yummy healthy sprouts to eat!
Day 2

day 4 ready to eat
soak in water to remove hulls

Now your ready for some yummy sprout sandwiches!

I hope you've found something worth while on my blog today. Remember that today is what matters not yesterday. It's over and done. No replay!! so focus on TODAY and making good choices to improve your life! :)

EDITED @ 2:45pm

Hi again.. just finished my workout... here it is....
I did 5 exercises in a Tabata format, in between each exercise I alternated 50 toe taps and 50 mt. climbers. Here's the breakdown
10/20/8rds= 4 mins this is called a Tabata interval

1. Plie Squat w/12 lbs,  I did this 1 exercise for the whole 4 min tabata interval before moving on to my next exercise. remember 10 secs of rest and 20 secs of work for the whole 4 mins BEFORE moving to next one!!
9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 9, 10, 9

50 Toe Taps you can use the floor or a ball or what ever makes you feel good :)

2. Side Plank lift (R)
8, 8, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10,

50 Mt. Climbers

3. Side Plank lift (L)
12, 14, 12, 10, 11, 10, 11, 12

50 toe taps

4. alternating punches with resistance band.. hopefully you have a door attachment for your resistance band..put it in door attached to your RB shut door tightly. Stand with your back to the door gripping the handles on RB walk out until there is tension on your RB then alternating punches. ;)
17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 20, 20, 18 my shoulders were on fire by round 8!!

50 mt. climbers

5. Toe Touches laying on floor
11, 12, 12, 11, 11, 10, 13, 14

I feel better now!
Sherice ox

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Healthy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies :)

Hi ~

I've been watching some great videos on Tara Stiles youtube channel and come across this recipe. It originally came from a blog called 101 cookbooks,

These cookies are really good!! They can be eaten as a snack, dessert or even a breakfast cookie.. I'm going to use the base and switch up some chip flavors and see what happens. I'm thinking Peanut butter chips or white chocolate chips or chunks would be wonderful!
 I always have Bananas in my freezer. That's were they go when they get spotted and brown. They add the perfect amount of sweetness and keep the cookies nice and moist. Along with the Coconut and almond meal, They have a wonderful nutty banana chocolate flavor. In Sherice fashion I added another ingredient.. Flax seed meal.

I will be enjoying a few of these with my morning coffee and some fruit tomorrow... how will you eat yours?

Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate chip Cookies

3 bananas
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup warmed coconut oil
2 cups rolled oats
2/3 cup almond meal.. ground up almonds, I did this using my coffee grinder. I'm pretty sure Bob's Redmill brand sells almond meal
1/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut, again Bob's Redmill has an organic unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 Tbls Flax seed meal 
6-7 oz dark chocolate bar chopped or chips

Mix first 3 ingredients in a bowl.  In separate bowl combine next 6 ingredients, mix well. add the dry into the wet and mix together. Then stir in the chocolate. put spoonfuls or you can use a small ice cream scooper, that's what I use. Then bake on parchment lined baking sheet or baking stone for 10 -14 mins.
Nutritional info on these delicious little cookies.. they are about 1-2 bites..
1 cookie
calories 70
fat 1.7 g
carbs 7.7 g
sugar 1.2 g

For Dinner I made a favorite standby at our house. Quick and easy Chicken Enchiladas. This is probably not the healthiest, figure friendly recipe but it could be worse.

1 can 99% fat free cream of chicken soup. I use a small mesh strainer and I use a spatula to strain the yucky fake chicken pcs out of the soup
1 can Rotel
tortillas corn or flour. corn would be healthier
1/2 cup lite sour cream
2 chicken breasts cubed or shredded. a couple times a month I will cook 6-7 organic chicken breasts in my crockpot with some chicken stock and then shredded them. so I have cooked shredded chicken breast in my freezer for quick meals. But I have also used rotisserie chicken breasts from the grocery store.
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder
Cheese.. I use chedder and pepperjack.
put everything together except cheese and tortillas.. 
spray a cassarole dish or a pan w/ cooking spray
layer tortillas, chicken mixture, and cheese until you reach the top of your dish. Then cover with foil and bake at 350 - 400 degrees until nice and bubbly, at that time take off foil and let top get brown and bubbly. 

Then top with whatever your heart desires! I like avocado, salsa, cilantro, black olives and tomatoes! DELICIOUS!! 

I did my workout today so I don't feel to guilty about having this for dinner. Did you do a workout today? If so, tell me about it :)

Here's my workout for today 1/18/12 
15 sec rest/40sec work/20 rds/4x thru = about 18 mins

1. side to side squats w/ 12lbs
10, 11, 10, 10

2. Push ups
13, 12, 10, 10

3. Diagonal Knee raises on dipstation
18, 15, 17, 17

4. overhead tricep extension w/12lb
15, 16, 15 17

5. Dbl Crunches
16, 18, 19, 20

Then I did this short, less than 10 min yoga routine by Tara Stiles. I need more breathing in my life. She says when you breath deeply your creating more space.. when your letting out the breath your creating space... I need more space.
Yoga looks really easy. Oh it's just stretching but wow doing it is another thing. I enjoy it! I just need to learn to breath through the moves. I find myself concentrating so hard on doing the stretches and holding them that I'm not breathing deep and evenly like I should be. If anyone has some advice on this, please leave a comment. Or leave a comment about whatever you'd like! :)

Sherice ox

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lentil Soup


I have a wonderful warm comforting healthy recipe for you today...
It's cold and the snow is supposed to hit tonight and I needed something warm, healthy and comforting to make me feel better about the dreaded snow coming my way! Growing up my mom made lentil soup and I always loved it. Here's my spin on an old recipe....

Green Lentil Soup

1 cup rinsed Green Lentils                                   
3 carrots chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
1 lrg onion chopped
1-2 stalks celery chopped
1/2 a cup Crimini mushrooms chopped
1 lrg bay leaf
1 tsp dried Thyme
a couple pinches to a 1/2 tsp Marjoram
1/2 tsp Herbs d Province
salt and pepper
3 cups chx or veggie stock
3 cups water
1 handful of spinach chopped
fresh Italian parsley

Saute onions, mushrooms, celery until nice and soft 7-10 mins add in garlic and carrots saute a few mins more. Then add in next 7 ingredients, saving the spinach and italian parsley for last, cover and simmer for 45mins to 1 hr. Then toss in your chopped spinach let simmer while you get your bread ready or while your pouring your glass of wine. Then dish up, sprinkle on some Italian Parsley. 

Remember this recipe isn't written in stone. If you want more or less of something, do it. If you want to add something that isn't in the recipe, do it. It's all interpretation and what you like. 

Sherice ox

Friday, January 13, 2012

Beef tips in Red Wine and Beef Stock

Happy Friday ~ 

I saw a recipe in a Cooking Light Cookbook that looked delicious but some of the ingredients I took out. I omitted the flour and bacon to make it healthier and I changed up some of the herbs that it called for.

Beef Tips in Red Wine and Beef Stock
This is healthy comfort food at it's best! I had the thought that it would be good with mashed potatoes, but since I try to stay away from white potatoes I used Basmati Rice. Which has a medium listing on the Glycemic index, so it's better than plain white rice. I love it. It's fragrant and has a nutty flavor. It's really the only rice I ever use. Anyway on to the recipe....

1-2 lbs stew meat
2 carrots chopped
1 onion chopped
3 cloves garlic minced
a handful of mushrooms chopped
a healthy pinch of Celtic salt
some pepper
1/2 tsp fennel
1 lrg bayleaf
2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp herbs d province
2 cups beef stock
1/2 cup red wine, I used Pinot Noir because it's what I had. But if I was buying ingredients I'd use a Merlot
2 Tbls organic corn starch

I simmered the beef in about 4 cups beef broth for about 2 hrs. Then I sauteed the onions and mushrooms for about 10 mins then added in the carrots and garlic and sauteed for another 5-7 mins. By this time you should have some nice soft veggies along with yummy bits in the bottom of the pan which means lots of delicious flavor.  Pour in your wine and beef stock and scrape the pan to get all that flavor into your sauce. Then add in your herbs and meat. I just scooped the meat out of the simmering beef broth. I didn't use the beef stock that the meat simmered in but you could if you wanted to. Then put a lid on it and let it simmer while you prepare the rice. Basmati Rice cooks for about 20 mins. Then a few mins before you serve the sauce mix 2 tbls of corn starch ( I use Organic) with some water and pour into the bubbling beef sauce, it will get a slight thickness.

This was really good!! It would have been better with a glass of wine and some crusty bread... but  I used the remaining wine I had in the sauce and didn't have any crusty bread. Let me know what you think!

Today I did a KILLER workout... I like doing short intense workouts but sometimes it's just nice to get into the gym and work your butt off!!

Do 20 reps of each exercise except for the Commando pushups, do 10 reps and the side to side crunches are 40 reps, 20 for each side. Your going to do 3 sets or 3 times thru. In between each exercise I did a 2 min skipping rope interval. The break down looks like this

skipping rope ~ 10 sec rest/30 secs work/3 rds = 2 mins

1. Dynex Squats ~ touch your butt to the ball.. a light touch, don't sit down on the ball and bounce yourself up.


2. Plank shoulder taps w/a knee tuck


3. Flyes with a resistance band on a Stability ball


4. Side to side crunches ~ ignore the dynadisc thingy the guy is on.


5. Commando pushups ~ I did these as a challenge one day to see how many I could do in 10 mins.. I think I did 52 and boy did I suffer. Seriously I couldn't use my arms for like a week. I'm not joking.. it was so painful, I couldn't even wash my hair. If I had health insurance I would have went to the doctor. so now I have a slight fear of them. But they are fun to do.


6. Row with a resistance band ~ wrap it around something


7. Reverse push up or another name is an inverted row ~ I used a bar on this jungle gym thing they have at my gym but you can use a dip station or get creative. you really just need something that isn't going to move on you. I believe the guy on the video is using a smith machine


8. Dbl crunch ~


because I'm an over achiever and I didn't do 20 commando pushups I added in 30 situps with dbl cross punches on an incline bench. Then do 1 more round of skipping and your done!!

I did the math on this and it's 510 reps and 50 mins of skipping... It took me about 2 hrs. I know your thinking, 2 hrs. But I didn't have anything else to do and like I said I'm an over achiever. :)
Tomorrow I will try my best to do some yoga.. I'm going to need a good stretch!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eggplants are delicious!!

Hi guys ~

I did a great workout yesterday that really kicked my butt, but it feels so good. I left the gym smiling, feeling really good about myself!
Working out makes me feel......
1. healthy
2. Happy
3. Strong
4. Confident
5. Less Stressed
6. More Energized
7. Sore which is good.. it means my body is building muscles
8. Hungry,  so I eat more
9. Sexy
10. Alive

This is the workout I did on 1/11
Booty Blaster w/o ~ 2 part w/o
1st part ~ 20 sec rest/40 sec work/28 rds/ 4x thru = 28 mins

1. Foward lunges alternating legs w/ 15lb weights
15, 13, 10, 10

2. Fire Hydrants w/ kick back leg lift ~ really squeeze those glutes on the kick back leg lift
14, 16, 15, 14

3. Plank Jacks on dynex ball
45, 27, 20, 25 (these are brutal) make sure your core is tight or your going to hurt your lower back, if you can't do them on a ball then just do a plank on the floor and do them

4. Arnolds w/ a lat raise w/ 10 lb weights
4.5, 5, 4, 4

5. V- sit w/ 12 lb medicine ball
40, 40, 41, 40

6. Dynamic squats ~ these are great for the inside of your thighs, mine are very sore today
30, 25, 25, 23

7. Tricep extension on stability ball w/ 12 lb medicine ball
12, 16, 15, 15

part 2 ~ 20 secs rest/3o secs work/20 rds = 16 mins

skipping rope.. I did a combo of skipping jacks, high knees, and skipping moving side to side. It breaks it up and seems to go faster that way! I like to trick my brain!!

If you don't know what these exercises are look them up on youtube.. you will be able to find them on there. I don't do any real crazy stuff! Eventually I would love to video them to show you guys but I have a moral hiccup with that.. I'm not a personal trainer (yet) so until I am I will not video myself as a tutorial! It's just how I am.

I love Eggplant.. It's one of my favorite veggies. Last night I was really craving some eggplant parmesan so I made some but this is healthier than anything you'll find eating out! P.S. my favorite place to eat eggplant parm is Olive Garden.. It's so crisp and delicious! YUMMMMMM!!!!

1 eggplant peeled and slices about 1/2 in thick.. if you don't mind the skin you can leave it on, it's totally edible. Then I laid out the rounds on paper towels, sprinkled a little Celtic salt on them and then put some more paper towels on top to absorb some of the moisture and let them sit about 5-10 mins.

Then I mixed up my "crust"
1/2 cup oat flour
1/4 cup flax meal
a couple Tbls of corn meal to give is some crunch
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp dried oregano
1 Tbls dried basil
1/2 tsp onion powder

then I dredged my eggplants in 2 beaten egg whites then in my crust mixture. I then placed my eggplant rounds onto a sprayed pan ( I used organic EVOO) and baked them in a 400 degree oven for about 10 mins or until brown on bottom then flipped and baked another 10 mins.. these were so good w/out the guilt and grease!!!

my pasta was a combo of whole wheat and reg thin spaghetti.. I have to accommodate my kids and hubby so I compromise. The sauce is also homemade.. can you tell I like homemade food instead of store bought, preservative filled crap!!  I will save that recipe for another day ;) mwaaaaa! and I had half a glass of Pinot w/ water.. I know your thinking "WHAT, water?" YES... when I was training with a trainer that was what he told me to do.. so now I dilute my wine with just a bit of water. Which means, I get to indulge with less calories and I've noticed that I don't get a sulfite headache either. You don't want it to taste like watered down wine so be careful, but I challenge you to give it a try!

Say hi to me.. I like to know who's reading this blog of mine. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.. kinda like my glass of wine. HA :)

Sherice ox

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hottie Tottie Workout!

Hi guys!

So, I'm going to start using a food journal again for a while. I need to get myself back on track and I know this will help. I use a regular notebook. That way I can carry it around with me so I don't have to try and remember every single thing I put into my mouth.

I really want to be successful with my weight loss and get to where I want to be or close to it by summer. I want to get a new bikini and enjoy the boat we bought at the end of the summer last yr and not feel fat, frumpy, old and out of shape!

I cannot wait to get some sun and have some family time camping and enjoying the lake every chance we get this coming summer. There is nothing more relaxing than closing your eyes, kicking back and getting lost in the motion of the water!

My sister and I are also doing a "mud run" in June called The Dirty Dash so I better get in gear! 

So this is what I've eaten today......

9am ~ 3 cups coffee w/ 2 tbls creamer, 3 egg whites with garlic powder, mushrooms, onions, basil and pepperjack cheese w/ 1 slice Ezekiel bread w/ butter
11:30 am ~ 2 tuna salad lettuce wraps.. romaine, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes and 1 serving (20) BBQ pop chips
1 pm ~ 1 protein ball
2:30 pm ~ 1 choc strawberry banana protein smoothie
3:30 pm ~ 16 oz single wh. choc mocha
6:00 pm ~ huge salad with tons of veggies, crushed pita chips, 1 slice pepperjack cheese, and 2 tbls lite balsamic dressing, 1 1/2 cup homemade tomato, basil soup, 1 mozzarella stick
so far my water hasn't been great today.. I've had about 48 oz
I will probably have a piece of fruit or some yogurt in a little while.. I'm already feeling my tummy rumbling again.

I can already tell by looking at what I've eaten today that I'm not eating enough fruits and veggies, I'm drinking to much coffee & I need to cut down on the cheese. That is why a food journal is so important. In my mind it doesn't seem the same as it is when I can see it on paper, besides I'm a very visual person so seeing it is twice as helpful to keep me on track.

Another goal of mine is to be working out 5 days a week w/ 2 active rest days. By active rest days that means, a bike ride, climbing the rock wall, a hike, going to the park and throwing the frisbee around, playing a game of tennis or walking my dogs... anything that is active but not a "workout" at the gym.

The Hottie Tottie workout ~ I did this workout on 1/5 (wow time flys)
20 sec rest/40 sec work/20 rds/4x thru = 20 mins & during the 20 sec rest interval I did 10 Mt. Climbers to keep my heart rate up since I didn't really have any cardio in this workout

1. 1 leg toe touch w/ 15 lb kettle bell (L)
14, 12, 14, 15

10 Mt. Climbers

2. 1 leg toe touch w/15 lb kb (R)
14, 15, 16, 16

10 Mt. Climbers

3. Hanging knee raises
19, 20, 20, 18

10 Mt. Climbers

4. Wall sits during the 30 sec work interval

10 Mt. Climbers

5. Knee tucks and a pike on stability ball
8, 7, 7, 7

10 Mt. Climbers

when I was done with that I did a skipping rope interval ~ 10 sec rest/30 sec work/24 rds = 16 min

How do you feel about keeping a food journal? Do you or do you keep a tally in your head? What are some of your goals?  I'd love to hear your input, so leave me a comment! :)

ox Sherice

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Granola bars!


How is everyone's New Year going so far? Good I hope!

Here's a quick yummy granola bar recipe for ya!
I got this recipe from I really love this website.. they have some great recipes and workout videos so check em out!!

Granola bars ~
1 cup almonds
1 cup apricots
1 cup oatmeal
1 cup honey
1 cup peanut butter
3 scoops vanilla whey protein powder

mix 1st 3 ingredients together, then heat up peanut butter add in honey and van protein mix well. add into the dry mixture and pat into a greased dish. put in fridge to set for 45 mins.
Slice and wrap for easy on the go eats!!

I only made 1/2 the batch this recipe makes.. I didn't have enough of some ingredients. Like the honey for instance, I had almost a half cup, so I topped my 1/2 cup off with some agave nectar.. I think that's why my bars never got really hard even after the 45 mins in the fridge. And I forgot the vanilla protein powder in mine. I added in some dried blueberries as well. They are still really good and I will be tweaking this recipe to make them just right for me.. thinking maybe less honey and a little coconut oil to also help harden them up! well see. I will for sure let you know how it goes!

I also have a workout for you!
This is an H.I.I.T workout and also a quick 4 min Tabata cardio workout at the end!

No Pain No gain workout
10sec rest/45secs work/24 rds/3x thru= 24 mins

1. Squats with a kick back w/12lb weight ~ really squeeze that glute muscles on the kickback
15, 16. 17

2. Scorpion planks ~ alternating sides ~ 20, 33, 36

3. adductor lifts (L) I didn't use any weight 32, 56, 70

4. Adductor Lifts (R)
38, 65, 83

5. Fly on Stability Ball I used my med resistance band
11, 14, 16

6. Crunches on SB. I started out doing obliques but switched to regular crunch
19, 22, 22

7. Crunch on SB
16, 19, 22

8. Push ups on knees
10, 15, 17

a Tabata interval is always going to be rest for 10 sec and work for 20 sec and you do 8 rds which equals to 4 mins. I did 2 exercises Jumping jacks and jumping side lunges

1. Jumping jacks
18, 25, 25, 26

2. Jumping side lunges
27, 26, 27, 30

Ciao Bellas!!
Sherice oxox