Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello ~

I try to not talk about what goes on in my personal life because it's personal but I feel like I need to give a little background for this post...
Things on the home front have been tense for some time.. My husband took a pay cut to go hrly at his job, which in the long run is better. But we've really been struggling financially. I've been looking for work for what seems like FOREVER. And we've been dealing with a very stubborn 13 yr old daughter who is constantly running away.

I woke up yesterday to a phone call from the job interview I was supposed to have later that day.. saying she needed to reschedule my interview but not until after she gets back from a week long trip that following week?? OK. I have to realize that maybe they aren't in a huge rush to get this position filled. But, the been burned, beaten down, and feel like a loser me because I can't get any type of job, even though I'm a college graduate, assumes that she's dissing me and won't call.. I try to shake it off and be positive.. if you could have heard the conversation in my head you'd have thought I'd lost my marbles.

I've always been a realistic person.. some people call that pessimistic. I'm really trying to be more positive and adjust my attitude not let my attitude dictate my day. So I was really trying to maintain a positive attitude and be grateful for what I do have. I headed to my moms determined to not have a "whoa is me" conversation. Which I didn't. I did her errands and gave her a haircut, had some lunch and headed to the gym...

This is what I did ~
Lean legs wo

15/45/24rds/3x thru = 24 mins

1. 1 leg toe touch, touching opposite hand to foot with 15 lb kettle bell (R)
20, 16, 15

2. 1 leg toe touch w/ 15lb kb (L)
16, 16, 17

3. Alternate front kicks
35, 35, 40

4. plank w/ knee tuck. opposite knee to opposite elbow, with bosu round side down holding flat side
40, 36, 35

5. Donkey Kicks (R)
31, 30, 29

6. Donkey Kick (L)
31, 30, 30

7. Alternate Round house kicks
20, 20, 20

8. Planks w/ knee tuck. on bosu
40, 35, 36

then I did a skipping interval...
15/25/25 rds = 16 mins

after stretching and cooling down I left the gym and walked to my car to find my drivers side window smashed and my purse stolen. If your a women than you know your whole life is in your purse.. plus my glasses and iPhone I just replaced 2 weeks ago!! This was about 4 in the afternoon, in broad daylight in a busy parking lot with multiple businesses. WTF??
As you can imagine with everything else that's been going on this was the LAST thing I needed to deal with. but as they say... That's life!

Sherice ox

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