Saturday, February 11, 2012

Laundry Soap Update


Remember a while back I posted about making some laundry soap and fabric softener.
well I'm happy to report that my family's clothes are clean and smelling great, even my sweaty workout clothes,  I sweat A LOT and my husbands work clothes. I'd say that the recipe I made (which I tripled) lasted me about 2 mos.. I will no longer be buying store laundry soap or fabric softener!

well isn't that the truth!!

Today this is what I did....

40 Jumping Jacks
50 Russian twist w/ 15 lb kettlebell (1st rd) 10 lb kb (2nd rd)
30 Bicycles
15 Hanging Knee Raises
10 Jack knife Situps
5 Jump Squats
10 side to side jumps
15 sec High Knees
15 sec Butt Kicks
30 sec Jump Rope
20 Squats w/ 20 lb KB
20 Bird dogs
15 sec Superman.. hold for 15 sec
20 side Lunges ( 10 ea leg)
10 standing calf raises
30 Jumping Jacks
5 kneeling pushups
10 tricep dips

Now DO IT AGAIN!!! My time for this was right about 30 mins.. I wanted to do another round but knew I'd regret it.... I'd like to move tomorrow :)

Sherice ox

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