Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Dark Side

Hey There ~

I hope everyone is doing well. I on the other hand, have had a doozy of a time the last couple weeks..It all started when my husband gave me his nasty cold. Even though I told him I'd rather have a dentist drill on my tooth, he gave it to me anyway! So I was feeling crummy, stuffed up, sore throat, along with sneezing and coughing. So after about a week of that I was feeling better and then Sunday came along and my back was all messed up.

I have no idea how I hurt it. But after 3 days I knew I wouldn't be able to work so I ended up having to go see the Dr.  who then said maybe it was all the sneezing and coughing. Thanks sweet hubs for your gift that keeps on giving!!

Long story short, I was laid up for about a week and I'm just now starting to feel normal again. It's amazing what some Ice, heat and muscle relaxers will do for ya!

So you can image how horrible physically and emotionally I felt after about 2 weeks of not working out and eating things I shouldn't be.. damn Trader Joes and there delicious coffee ice cream bars!! Even though my back was sore and tight this morning, I knew the best thing I could do was get back in the saddle. I headed to the gym and did some good stretching and an easy workout well it was supposed to be an easy workout but of course that doesn't really fly with me... here's what I did.

3 sets of......

1. Static Lunges R leg ~ 15 reps
2. Static Lunges L leg ~ 15 reps
3. Curl w/ press standing on 1 leg for 10 reps then switch to the other leg for 10 reps
4. Tricep push up into a cobra into a downward facing dog 10 reps (these felt good on my back) slow and controlled people!
5. 1 arm fly w/bridge 8 lb med ball 15 reps ea arm (one of my new fave exercises)

I did 60 sec of jump rope in between each exercise..

Me after this workout!! SWEATY!!!!

Then I stretched again really good when I was done with my workout. My back feels great!!

Being active is what it needed once the spasms and pain subsided.. I did need that week of rest. We each know our bodies and I knew that a good stretch was what I needed in the healing process at this point.

My sister made a delicious pizza that I feel in love with and I had to have the recipe.

Caramelize some onions in evoo until they are sweet and brown, then I sauteed some thin zucchini slices with garlic for about 5 mins.. brush rolled out pizza dough with evoo and put on your sauteed veggies then add fresh mozzerella cheese and bake on heated pizza stone at 475-500 for 10 mins...

This is what you'll get to eat... so delicious! I'm in love!!!

I took the down time with my back to get some studying done. If you didn't see my last post I just started studying for my Personal Trainers Certificate through the NASM..

It's gonna be a hard but anything worth doing is, Right!!

This was just funny!!

I can totally geek out on Star Wars and who doesn't LOVE Pink Floyd??

Catch ya on the Dark Side..... :)
oxox Sherice

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