Monday, June 11, 2012

Lunch @ CLOVER

Hello Darlings ~

I just love that word... Darlings. It just sounds so European.
This weekend was super Rainy and cold. Well at least cold for being June. Come on Mother Nature, it's summer time!!

Saturday I got together with my sister and we headed to the library. I haven't been to the library, I'm sad to say for probably 5 yrs. NO JOKE!! I was pleased to see some new DVD Titles and some new book titles I've been wanting to read.

My book Hual. The Crazy Sexy Diet I'm gonna have to buy
Then we needed a little warmth in our tummies. We really wanted a light healthy lunch of soup and salad and my sister remembered this new restaurant that opened not long ago in our neighborhood. As it turns out I've also been wanting to go there. GREAT idea sis!

So we headed to Clover....

Clover has a great court yard and patio seating that I can't wait to enjoy with a delicious brunch on a sunny weekend! Unfortunately I didn't snap a pic of the patio but I did get a few of the landscape.

really cool fountain

This is the door leading into the courtyard, Isn't it just awesome. We loved it!!
Once inside out of the rain, the staff was very friendly and welcoming. They have seating downstairs as well as upstairs. We choose to sit upstairs and I'm glad we did. 

The pictures really don't do it justice.. The upstairs was open and welcoming and the downstairs has a nice bar area with a little nook of window seating and some seating to the left.

Beautiful plank hardwood floors and soft lighting really add to the comfort of the place.

Once we headed up stairs and were seated,  I ordered a refreshing drink. A lime spritzer with meddled mint and ginger in sparkling water. It was really light and refreshing.

 Then we ordered lunch. We shared the Clover salad of greens with shaved parm, candied pecans and a house citrus vinaigrette and soup. She got the French onion and I got the Tomato Bisque.

The salad was ok, we both thought it needed a little something more, like some pears or beets to liven it up and the dressing was lacking the citrus component. I was thinking it would be a party in my mouth but nope. But the soups were delicious. The Tomato was thick and hearty and her French Onion was AH. MAZ. ING!!!!!! I've never had F. O. Soup before and let me tell you, I will be ordering this next time. It was savory and rich with a crusty, cheesy delicious topping. Everything a French Onion soup should be!!

What the salad lacked in pizazz the soups definitely made up for!! Once we had savored our lunch and eaten every last bite of salad and sipped every last spoonful of soup it was dessert time..

We shared an order of Baklava, which was really good and the perfect amount. We enjoyed dessert with a mug of hot Decaf. 

Baklava w/ Blackberries

Cheers to sister time and a great lunch!

The Breakfast and Dinner menu looked delicious as well.. yummy omelets, french toast and Steaks and seafood. 

We will for sure be going back for a brunch on the patio and a steak or in my sisters case a seafood dinner. 
If you live in Spokane give Clover a try. You won't be disappointed! 


In other news.. guess what I'm doing....

Yep... I finally ordered my stuff from NASM and I'm heading down the path I've been waiting to venture for the last 4 yrs. It's been such a long time coming but everything happens for a reason and I just need to remember that! I'm doing the CPT (certified personal trainer) and the FNS (fitness nutrition certification).

I'm looking forward to getting these 2 certs and finding a job that I LOVE, which is helping change someone else's life like fitness has changed mine. It's my passion. I want the world to know that feeling good is not an unattainable goal. Everyone has the right to look in the mirror and like what they see. It's hard work and sacrifice but it's so worth it. And before long it really isn't a sacrifice because you will feel better, look better and be better and you will want to continue on your journey.

So Cheers to a healthy happy you! 

OXOX Sherice

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