Monday, March 6, 2017

VITAMIX.... it's amazing!

HEY HEY you lovely people!

I hope all is well and you are living OUT LOUD!!!!

I have been wanting a vitamix for some time. I've made almond milk multiple times now and my little magic bullet is just not cutting it!!
last time I made almond milk I also tried using my french press to strain it and that was a BIG MISTAKE.. I read it on a blog, can't remember which now but this didn't work for me like it did for the blog author. LOL

what a mess.

so now I have a fancy powerful Vitamix.
mine doesn't have the dial just an on/off switch and a Low/Hi switch
and I also a dry container and blade with a cookbook as well. so it was a great deal. I got mine off QVC.

I've made Potato Chedder soup, which was amazing. silky and creamy and super easy bc Wendy's did half the prep for me. I went through the drive thru and got 2 plain baked potatoes for my soup and then just had to sauté some onions and garlic and then blend it up for 6 mins.. the vitamix ACTUALLY HEATS the soup as its blending it!!

we all thought that was pretty bitchin!!!

with the weather warming slightly and spring signs are starting to show.. I've been craving some good GREEN JUICE, so today I whizzed some up and it was easy peasy and delicious!!

This was refreshing, nourishing and delicious!!

I poured 1 cup of water into my vitamix and added
2 sm Persian cucumbers
1 green apple sliced
2 handfuls of kale
2 spears of pineapple
juice from 1/2 a lemon

I blended it for about a min starting on low and using my baton that came with my vitamix to help move the stuff around. once blended I poured it into a nut milk bag placed into some sort of juice vessel.

then I squeezed all the excess liquid out of the nut milk bag. I was delicious. I shared this with my sister but could have easily drank it all myself.

I'm excited to start juicing daily and playing around with different flavors..
planning on playing around with some...

Beets YUM
citrus fruits
celeriac (celery root)
carrots.. I love carrot juice!

I already know I will have a carrot, pineapple lime, orange concotion

and beets with kale, pineapple, lime & an apple is amazing.

I also want to do some research and make up some tumeric shots!

so stay tuned......

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