Monday, March 20, 2017


Hey Friends ~

I have been getting better about my yoga practice. I've started following Allie The Journey Junkie.
I found her when I was on youtube looking for videos for the yoga trapeze.
you can find her here

Also If you haven't heard of a yoga trapeze.. well, let me be the first to introduce you..

The yoga Trapeze

This little contraption is AWE. MAZE. ING!!!!!
I suffer from a couple disc issues so I JUMPED at the chance to try this thing out for a buck.. FOR REEEELS!!!

hanging in this for a couple mins makes my back feel great. plus you can use it as a TRX system, it has a similar handle system.

So That's how I found Allie. Her community on FB is AWESOME!!
it's a great tribe with great energy!
In fact I'm getting ready to start her body mind soul detox on April 1st!

A few pics from recent yoga sessions

I'm super stoked to be able to play around with inversions. I def need to gain more core and arm strength.. OKAY OKAY pretty much strength all over LOL... but I'm over coming fears and pushing comfort zones.. which is super exhilarating and freeing!!

My Crow is getting better and I'm able to hold it for longer now also

I want to add in more meditation and maybe some chanting! it's so crazy when I first started yoga it was to get a workout and be challenged.. now it's so much more than that.
It really helps my back issues and I feel more centered and calm. Also.. I'm more in tune with my body.

Do you have a yoga practice?
do you go to a studio or class?

I used to but now I enjoy doing it at home. and it's FREE!!


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