Thursday, January 15, 2015


Motivation to do something you know is hard doesn't come naturally! 
But it does come when you start to do it, whatever IT may be. 

For me it's working out! I'm human and not always motivated to do it. Especially now when it's cold dreary and gets dark sooooo early! It's so much easier to say tomorrow! But tomo will be spring then summer then I will be back where I am now b/c summer bodies are built in the winter! 

Motivation comes once I start!! Once I get my breath moving and blood pumping. Then the sweating and endorphins let loose!  
After my workout I feel AMAZING! Like I could conquer the world. That is my motivation.

I remember how good I felt the day before and I want to feel that good again! So I do it! 

The fit body, hard abs, and no jiggle in my wiggle are the bonus by product of being motivated!

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