Sunday, July 13, 2014

Carb Cycling

Hey ~

How has your summer been so far? I hope all is well.

I'm starting something new this week.. Carb Cycling. Do you know it?

I really like Chris Powell and love his show Extreme Weightloss. Chris and his wife, Heidi are the power house couple that helps morbidly obese people get their lives back with his 1 year transformation!

Chris has 2 books out. Both are on Carb cycling. I have the second book. that is similar to the first but has more options.

I do feel it will be trying at times considering that I try keep my diet mostly plant based!

But I'm sure that I can work it out. So basically you alternated days between low carb and high carb days. some go by the days your doing hard workouts to be high carb and cardio or non work out days to be low carb days.

The concept behind this is that high carb stokes our furnace aka metabolism. once revved then on the low carb day our bodies dip into our fat storage and burn it for fuel. You may feel tired in the afternoon but that is why you make the low carb day the rest/active rest or cardio workout day!

This is what he does with his clients. This meal plan and working out will get you to your goals fast. and it's healthy!!!

I will keep you posted. 
Here is some info on carb cycling

Get your sweat on!

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