Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reasonably priced workout gear!

Hey Peeps ~

Today I was talking with a friend of mine and we of course started talking about fitness and workouts..
I was telling her a few pcs of equipment she could get for a reasonable price from her local Fred Meyers, amazon or walmart!

She said "you should do a post about this".. DING.. light bulb moment! BLOG POST!!!

So, I'm giving you guys a list of 10 things that you can buy for under $30 that can help with your fitness!

1. Pull up bar.. I got mine at walmart for 9.99 this is awesome if you have any back issues.. it's great to hang and decompress your back.. I like to use mine also for not just pullups but for hanging leg raises 

2. Resistance bands I got a 3 pack w/ light, med, heavy resistance at Fred Meyer but these will do the trick

3. Stability Ball ~ make sure that you get the right size for you.. the average is 65 cm I believe..
 4. Resistance bands with handles ~ This is a super nice set for under $15 bucks
5. Jump rope ~ I LOVE to skip rope.. it's a favorite cardio warm up, workout, and end of set burner! I REALLY want this one!! AND BTW.. she is AWESOME and super funny and sarcastic.. right up my alley!!

6. Medicine balls ~ I LOVE these.. my favorite exercise using a medicine ball are these! You can find these pretty much anywhere like Big 5 sporting goods or online. Medicine balls come either like the picture in a set or you can buy them in single at what lbs suits your needs
7. Kettle bells ~ I like this one.
8. Agility Ladder ~ I want one of these
9. Any kind of ball.. soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball, baseball.. all GREAT ways to get moving for cheap!
10. Gymboss Interval Timer.. I LOVE this little pc of equipment! It does a lot for NOT a lot of money and it's a great addition to your workout arsenal!

There you have it!! 10 pcs of equipment to get your sweat and breath flowing! :) What's your favorite pc of equipment and what is your favorite exercise to do with it?

Later ~

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