Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This and That

Hi guys..

What's been going on???

My job is coming along fine. I was told today that when I bring back my manual, I'm officially out of training.. yippeeeee.. I think that means a pay raise! fingers crossed! I'm thinking that in about a month I will be able to get my books and start my studying for my personal trainers certification. I'm going through the NASM... National academy of sports medicine. The trainer I used to see told me that is the best one to get.  I will also be getting the Nutrition certification they offer. In my experience the trainers I've seen haven't been very knowledgeable on the nutrition end of things.  Which doesn't make a lot of sense to me considering that 80% of your health and fitness success is your diet. But I understand that that may not be what trainers want to be doing. What ever floats your boat I say!

I just got on the bandwagon for Instagram... I LOVE it!! I love taking pictures and this app makes it even more fun. It has a bunch of really cool filters and you can blur out background in a circle or rectangle. Plus you can follow other Instagram users. I've also started doing the photoaday... which is a lot of fun also. Here's the link on what it is and how it works.. If you have an Iphone or Android.. I recommend you download the Instagram app which is free and participate.. It's fun!! And follow me of course.. Shericep is my name!

 For the photoaday pic, today was.. someone that makes you my husband is out of town and the kids aren't home as I'm typing this post.. these guys are the next on the list :)

These 2 make me very happy... unless Luka the one standing, who's about 10 mos now.. get's into the T.P. which he does often.

What else has been going on around Potter Palace...

1. Just started the second season of True Blood on Netflix
2. The weather has been really crappy.. but I just keep saying April showers bring May flowers
3. my kiddos are on spring break

I must be really boring.. I can't think of anything else. So here's a workout for ya.. I did this yesterday.

Warm up.. Tabata which is 10 sec rest/20 sec work intervals/ 8 rds = 4 mins

1. High Knees
2. typewriters.. I don't know the technical name for these. This is what they call them at the Dojang  (Taekwondo school) your bent over and you move your feet really fast.. football players do them. talk about a quad burner!!

Workout... 15 sec rest/45 sec work interval/ 24 rds/4 x thru = 24 mins

1. Curtsy lunge with a  bicep curl on the lunge w/ 10lb
13, 12, 11, 12

2. Renegade rows w/5 mt climbers w/12 lb
6, 5, 6, 5

3. push ups on knees.. I do them on my knuckles b/c my wrists hurt otherwise and that's how we do them in Taekwondo, so I'm used to it
10, 8, 10, 11

4. bridge with leg curls on Stability Ball
15, 13, 17, 17

5.  abs ~ Toe touches holding a ball between your legs touch foot to opposite toe
16, 20, 20, 18

6. Hee haws.. this is a Tone it up move.. Love them Tone it up ladies!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------->
12, 12, last 2 rds did plank instead, my quads were on FIYA!!!
kneeling, keep your core engaged and bend backwards as far as you can with out sitting back on your heels and then forward again.. These look so easy but by the 3rd round I had to do planks for the 3rd and 4th round of these... my quads were toast!!

then I did about 30 mins on the elliptical.. forward at 8/9 and backwards 7/8, I always do interval program

last but not least.. I used to follow a website called I don't anymore but that's another post for another day. There is a women named Erin that has been fighting cancer, So us bodyrockers now WarriorZ like I said another conversation! Would do burpees for her.. just to show our support for her Cancer fight.. well recently Zuzana had posted that she is in remission!! Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!? So I did a little celebratory video for Ms. Erin.. here it is..

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