Sunday, April 22, 2012

Please don't squeeze our cheese

Hey everybody~

How goes it? I hope things are going well for everyone and you enjoyed your weekend where ever you are!

My weekend was good. The weather perked up here in Spokane this weekend and it's been beautiful! Today it was near 80.. yahoo. I can't wait for the boat to get running... we need a new starter :(.

On Friday I didn't have to work so I met up with my sister and we headed to our favorite lunch place Taste. It's a mom and daughter eatery that serves fresh local salads, sandwiches and soups along with delicious baked goods and desserts! We split our favorite, the avocado, bacon tomato, mozzarella Panini  and she had a cup of Clam chowder and I had a side salad..

We also each had a brownie.. We were going to share but I took one bite and said "nope, gotta have my own"

Later Friday night I got to the gym and busted out this workout. It was brutal but worth it!!

4 min Tabata warm up
1. Mt climbers
2. in and out thrusts (hands on floor and just jumping feet towards you and back)

then 15/45/24 rd/2x thru = 24 mins
I didn't keep track of my scores.. I was to wiped out just trying to get through this workout.. I have to figure out how to have enough motivation and energy after cleaning houses all day to get to the gym. Working out once a week is NOT working for me!!

1. Lunge back with a front kick touching opposite hand (R)

2. Lunge back with front kick touching opposite hand (L)

3. Jump jack elbow to knee.. I took this move from one of the new bodyrock workouts and it was brutal! but great cardio

4.  L raises.. a lat raise with a front raise but arms are in an L shape and you alternate them w. 4 lb weights which doesn't seem like a lot but it is! my shoulders are still tender!

5. plyo push ups using a bosu.. so one hand on the floor other on the bosu do a push up and on the up explode up and switch hands to other side.

6. side jump lunges

7. side bends w/15 lb weight (R)

8. side bends w/15 lb w (L)

9. J.J. elbow to knee same as # 3

10. Reverse crunches hold a ball between thighs

11. Sit ups touching hands between legs alternating legs each time up

12. side jump lunges

I was wiped out and I'm still sore! that's the 1 day a week.. :(

 Saturday, My sister and I met up again and went down town and enjoyed some Earth day celebration. We looked around in Main Market, which is an organic market that also is a local co-op. I FINALLY found 2 things I've been looking for,  Chipotle powder & Zico Choc Coconut water. The Coconut water is rich and delicious and tastes like choc milk! And the Chipotle powder is spicy with a kick! They also have a great assortment of cheeses and this sign was really funny to me.

 We also shared a Salad Sampler plate.. which included a Pesto Pasta with greens salad, a greek quinoa salad and a chickpea salad that to my surprise was really tasty.. last time I checked I didn't think I liked Chickpeas AKA Garbanzo beans but I guess I do! :)

We then walked to one of our new favorite cafe called Madeline's to sit in the sun and get a Cappuccino and dessert. On the way there, guess what I happened across ??

 YEP... you guessed it.. Spokane's own Lululemon store!! I was so excited I just about broke out into a dance. But I contained myself! :)

When we got to Madeline's we ordered a cappucino and a cigle.. which is like a rolled up thin wafer cookie with choc mousse in side and the ends are then dipped in choc. We shared of course!

 Then upon returning home I cleaned my bedroom, carpets included and washed bedding and cleaned my bathroom really good.. washed walls and all....

Then we bbq and had a nice fire in our fire pit. I made ( with my sisters help :) )  a delicious Quinoa greek inspired salad with artichoke hearts, fennel, red onion, cherry toms, italian parsley and a lemon and olive oil dressing. I also marinaded some tri tip steaks.  I unfortunately forgot to take a pic but here's the recipe...

Chipotle Marinade
1/2 cup Balsamic Vinegar
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp chipotle powder
2 cloves minced garlic
1 tsp instant coffee or espresso powder
and a dash of salt

They were really good!!

Sunday was just as beautiful.. my sister came over and we had Eggs Benny and Mimosas

Then we relaxed in the sun for a bit and took the boys on a walk...

These are both our dogs but they love auntie Kristine very much!! Marley in front Luka in back.. Luka really enjoyed his harness once he stopped trying to figure out how to get it off and he liked his walk.. we are just getting him out walking, the weather has been to cold for these guys. Boston Terriers don't have much of a coat and don't get a winter coat as other dogs do! Once home they both had a big drink of water and crashed out! :) I love my boys!!!

My sis and I then went to N.W. Seed and Pet and I got 2 more Strawberry plants and 1 Cherry tom plant and a Early girl tom plant! One of our raised beds is half Strawberries which have already started creeping, so I've decided to just fill the whole thing with strawberries. You can never have to many Strawberries!! Then we got some Frozen Yogurt!

Once home I had some lunch.. Leftover Qunioa salad and a bacon, tom, avocado sandwich on Ezekiel bread..

I'd love to hear about what you did this weekend. Whatever it was I hope it was a good as mine :)

Sherice oxox

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