Saturday, August 2, 2014


I have something VERY important that I wanted to touch on.  


Most Fear lives within US.. in our minds.. it's that little voice that rears it's head when you think you can't do it.. 
WHY? what will happen if I you can't do something the first time? or you don't get the job the first time, or you ask out that boy or girl you've been crushing on.. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? 
Disappointment, frustration? YES... But  you WON'T fall down dead will you? NO
When we are faced with fears the normal person quits.. they listen to the nasty voice telling them they CAN'T!! 
CHANGE your THINKING,  CHANGE your REALITY!!! Instead of I can't, I could never, I wish.. SAY I can, I will, and I am!!!  
Once you start telling yourself these things... Your fears won't be so big anymore and when defeat comes you can say "I'll do better next time" 


I hope that I have encouraged some of you to take those first steps to BUST THROUGH fear and LIVE THE LIFE YOU IMAGINED!!!

 Sherice OX

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