Monday, January 7, 2013

Dried Fruit Snacks

I have this wonderful contraption called a food dehydrator that I borrowed from my mom quite a while ago.. it's been sitting in the box taking up space and today I had this amazing thought..... "what if I actually used the damn thing!"

So I did!!

Dried Fruit Snacks......

What you'll need..

Tools I used...

First step: peeled and cut fruit

I didn't cut it to thick, I do think for next time I will cut it a bit on the thicker side.. I like to have a bit of  "meat" when you bite into it!

Next step: I sprinkled them with cinnamon.. I only sprinkled one side, and then loaded up the trays...

Then I let these little morsels of tasty fruit dry for about 7 hrs. Every couple of hrs I would rotate the trays.. they stack in a triple layer. At the half way mark I flipped the fruit.

When done the fruit was sweet, chewy and delicious.. Everyone in the house, dogs and humans thought it was The Bomb!!

It didn't last long.... YUM!!!

Sherice oxoxox

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