Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's been going on around here...

Hey ~

I know it's been a while since I blogged but I've been dealing with some nasty back pain.

Upon waking up about 2 mos ago after having a cold, my back was really hurting. Like can't move, spasms and a major hitch in my giddy up. I went to the Dr. as most Americans would and their advice was muscle relaxers, Advil and rest, along with some ice and heat. Things I already knew.

Well that sounds great but rest just made it worse in all honesty. After taking the rest of the week off work and suffering through, it started to feel better and back to work I went. In case you aren't aware, my job is cleaning houses for a cleaning company. Very physical. I thought I'd be great at the job because I work out all the time... or should I say I worked out all the time before starting the job.

The back pain has returned. Back pain is something I've had it seems all my life. Be it achy, stiff, sore, spasm, or just pain...

As you can image going from feeling strong, and fit. Better than I've ever felt to feeling miserable and hardly being able to move and not working out has been really tough. I can tell such a HUGE difference in my attitude.

So last week I went to the Chiropractor. Now the Chiro is someone that you love or hate, feel is worth while or just a crock.. In my experience from talking to others.

I feel that they are very valid. If you look at your body as a whole unit. It makes sense that being outta whack or having a Subluxation as it's called when your out of whack and pinching off nerves. Those nerves supply vital nutrients to all your organs.

I think that good health encompasses more than just looking good and working out. It's about your whole body inside and out.

Upon my Chiro appt I found out numerous things...

1. I significant Scoliosis in the base of my spine
2. my Left leg is shorter than my right which is causing my whole "atlas" or skeletal frame to be off
3. my right hip is rotating forward
4. 17 out of my 24 vertebrae are "outta whack"
5. there is virtually no space between the first vertebrae and the second in the base of my neck
6. my left hip is totally compressed, meaning there should be space between your hip joints and there isn't in that one!
7. I have bone spurs on every vertebrae in the mid section of my back. which take 15 yrs to grow before showing up on an x ray
8. I have a high pain tolerance.. which I already knew. It's not always as good as it sounds though!

whew... the good news is that with treatment pretty much everything will get better... If I don't do treatment than in about 10 yrs I will be a hurting unit.. well more than I am now!   

So I have a wonderful Chiropractor that I will be seeing. He has given me a lift to put in my shoe so that my left leg will start to grow again, which will help get my atlas centered and working properly.

I also had to quit my job. As for the Personal training thing.. I'm full speed ahead. My back is already feeling better and in another couple days I will be back to normal and my workouts.

I've had these issues for a long time and I think that right now this is God's way of saying take a break and take the path that you are working so hard for. Which isn't cleaning houses.

For now I'm back to being unemployed and looking for work. I have a few things in the works so keep your fingers crossed!

OX Sherice

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