Monday, July 23, 2012

Lavender Honey Ice Cream

Hi There, where ever there is...

My sis and I went to the Farmers Market on Saturday and picked up a beautiful bundle of Culinary Lavender.

The original bundle was about 3 times this size.. Huge I tell ya!

Ever since watching It's Complicated.. a favorite movie of mine. I've been interested in making some Lavender Ice Cream. So after our trip to the Farmers Market we headed to Trader Joe's to pick up some Organic Milk and my sister made the ice cream. She's the one with the ice cream maker.. until I can get one. It's on my "must get" list!

I don't have the recipe yet, so this post is going to be a teaser. I will get on her to email the recipe for me and I will edit this post as soon as I've got it!!

I know that she used a basic vanilla Ice cream recipe. With whole milk, half and half, eggs, vanilla, and honey. She steeped a bit of the lavender in with the milk just until it got hot but not boiling. Then she pulled it out. From there I don't know. I've never made Ice cream before, she's the pro!
All done and churning in the I.C. maker
Finished product

It was so good. We have a lot of different ideas in the works with this recipe though, as my niece doesn't like the honey and after a few consecutive bites the honey was a bit overpowering. But all in all The Lavender Ice Cream was a SUCCESS!!!!

In other random news.. my favorite beer at the moment is....

and I bought some delicious chocolate croissants at TJ and had them Sunday Morning....

 This is what I've been doing in all my spare time....

Sherice oxoxox

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